Turn a $3 Target Dollar Spot Makeup Organizer into a Creative Tool Tote for Your Craft and Scrapbook Supplies – And Get Organized!

With the help of a Cricut or any cutting machine, you can turn this $3 makeup organizer, found in the Target dollar spot, into a creatively fun organizer to keep all of your favorite crafting supplies together and at hand for when you need them. Now, I realize this plastic organizer isn’t going to hold all of your tools, but think of the tools that you use most – your favorite scissors, adhesives, mini–ink pads, rulers… Have you ever gone to a scrap or craft event and realized you forgot your scissors or extra cutting blades at home? I have and it was a loooong day! What tools are you always looking for? What do you always grab when you start crafting? Yep, those. Wouldn’t it be great to keep them corralled so you stop wasting time looking for them, or have to pack them when you head out to craft and then unpack them when you get back home? Now you can grab this organizer and get crafting!

Getting your tools together

One thing I always tell my son when he starts cleaning his room is to keep like things together and to have a reason for where he puts things – make it convenient and keep the stuff you use the most handy. With that in mind, you probably have different types of tools that you use depending on the type of project you’re working on – whether you’re scrapbooking a layout, crafting a card, making jewelry, being creative with the kids, or creating vinyl projects with the Cricut. Think about the types of projects you create and the different types of tools you use for each. Here are 3 versions of the same tote – a tool organizer for the scrapbooking and crafting tools you use regularly, a Cricut Cubby to hold the blades and tools that are helpful when using the Cricut or any electronic die cutting machine – and, yep, it sits next to my Cricut, and a Mixed Media center for the tools needed for stenciling, inking and using glitter gels – because I’m always looking for a palette knife!

Gather all of your supplies. Don’t think too hard about it. Just grab them and put them in a bin.

To determine the type of tool totes you need, start with this Marie Kondoish organizing exercise. First, gather all of your tools and adhesives you have. Yep, all. Don’t think too hard. Make a quick lap around your craft area and grab the tools and adhesives and throw them in a bin and then make a second lap to make sure you grabbed them all. Next, sort them by type: pens, scissors, tweezers, adhesives, and so on. As you are sorting them, toss into the garbage the ones that are broken, used up, or, otherwise, at the end of their useful life. Once you have them sorted into groups, you can now see what you actually have. This would be the point that I close the door so my husband doesn’t see how many pairs of tweezers and different types of adhesives I actually have! But, seriously, now that you know what you have, think about how you use them. Are there tools you only pull out when the kids are around? What about when you make cards or scrapbook? Do you make projects with vinyl? What tools do you use? Begin sorting the tools into piles based on how you use them and which tools you use together. For instance, I use the weeding tools when I use the Cricut. Along with weeding tools, I also need the Cricut cutting blades, the Cricut pens and a scissors. Duplicates and refills can go back into the bin. Having backups is fine, but you don’t need them at hand when crafting. Instead, store them in a drawer or in the closet so you know where they are when you run out. But be honest when you come to the tools you forgot you had, haven’t used in the longest time and honestly can’t see yourself using now or in the future. Set these aside and decide if you want to donate them, throw them or gather them in a box so you know where to look if you do happen to need them. You get the idea. Get going!

Sort supplies by type and then by how you use them.

So, what do you have left? How are they grouped? Does it make sense to group them this way and to have separate tool organizers for them? You know how you craft, so the answer will be different for everyone. But stick to the general rule, keep the tools you use the most handy and convenient. Also, it is ok to have the same type of tool in multiple piles. I have scissors in my general tool tote and also with my Cricut tools. While I keep my mini ink pads in the Mixed Media organizer, I do have a couple brown and black inks with my every day scrapping tools because I use them often on page layouts. The idea is to keep the supplies you use together, well, together! So what themed organizers are you going to make to keep your tools corralled?

Creating the organizer – with the help of a video tutorial

For the three organizers I made, the Tools and Mixed Media titles and the tool table insert for the Cricut cutting blades are FREE cut files downloaded from the Resource Library. Please note that these files are copyrighted and available for personal use only. The other images were found in Cricut’s Design Space and, based on your subscription, may be free or available for a fee. The following tutorial video shows you how to download the SVG files, open them in Design Space, cut and apply the vinyl. To access the Resource Library, sign up for the newsletter and the Resource Library password will be emailed to you.

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    Tutorial video to show you how to download SVG files, import into Design Space and apply the vinyl

    A note about the Cricut Cubby

    The insert on the Cricut Cubby is also a free SVG file downloaded from ScrapnTime.com. It was cut using a thin sheet of basswood and painted white. Within the file is a strip with 3 holes. This strip is adhered underneath along with the same-sized solid strip to create the holder for the tools. To make the space deeper and more secure, duplicate the strip with holes and cut 2 or 3 of them, then adhere them together, aligning the holes. Attach the solid strip on the bottom. Now you have a place for your quick change cutting tips to rest.

    A handy tool table to keep your Cricut cutting blades and tips at the ready

    I love organizers. I’m weird that way. But I’ve steered clear of most organizers that serve one specific purpose because, as your style and needs change, the organizer becomes outdated and takes up space. But not with this organizer. As your crafting style and needs change, you can change the purpose of the organizer. What are you going to use it for?

    Happy crafting and remember, don’t run with scissors, but keep them convenient and handy!

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