This camping scrapbook layout is perfect for camping, hiking or any of your outdoor adventures. Have a lot of photos, but not of the outdoors? Use the sketch and pick the papers to match your photos.

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Camping Scrapbook Layout


From hiking the Superior hiking trail in northern Minnesota to camping in your backyard, this layout sets the scene for your outdoor adventure photos. 

The materials used in this project are available at ScrapnTime.com: Shop by Project: Superior Hiking Trail.

Would you like a sketch of the layout? The sketch is file 1D - Camping Scrapbook Layout Sketch found in the Resource Library. The Resource Library is password protected. If you need the password, please click here to sign up for the email list and the password will be emailed to you. You can unsubscribe at any time and I won't sell your name or the list. I hate spam, too, and I only send creative goodies to you. If you are on the email list, check the bottom of the last email you received for the password - I include the password at the bottom of every email.

This layout uses 11 photos - 2 5x7, 2 - 3.5x5, 4 - 3x2.5 and 3 - 2x2.5. You can change up the layout by using fewer photos and replacing them with journaling or embellishments. 

Supplies Used

Supplies Used for 1 - 2-Page Layout, 12x12

Step-by-Step Cutting and Assembling Instructions

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  1. Finished Layout

  1. Base Layer

    Start with the 2 pieces of cardstock - any color, just make sure they are 12x12.

    The cardstock is used as the base of the layout. The color of the cardstock does not matter nor does it matter if the cardstock is the same color as each other or if it coordinates with the rest of the layout as the cardstock is used for sizing and adding support to the layout only and will not be visible. 

  2. Background Paper - Blue/Light Green from the Solids Pack

    There are two ways to cut this paper. Both will give the same end result, however, one will conserve more of the Blue/Lt Green paper.

    Option 1: The first way is to cut a 1"x12" strip off the top of each piece of the Blue/Light Green paper. This gives you a 1" strip which will be torn for the top bar and an 11"x12" piece to attach to the base cardstock layer, aligning the Blue/Light Green paper to the bottom, left and right edges of the base layer. This option is pictured and is used in the video, however, it does not conserve any paper.

    Option 2: This option saves the most paper and provides extra Blue/Lt Green paper which can be used for die cuts or for other layouts. From each piece of Blue/Lt Green paper, cut a 9"x9" square. Align 1 square with the bottom and right sides of the left cardstock base piece. Align the other square with the bottom and left sides of the right cardstock piece.

    From 1 of the remaining 3"x9" pieces of Blue/Lt Green, cut 2 strips, 1"x12" each.

  3. Left Border Bar

    For this bar, cut 1"x9" strip from each of the Cranberry and Dark Kraft cardstocks and a 3 7/8"x9" strip of the Happy Campers (plaid side) patterned paper. Note: Inking is optional, however, it provides a warm feel to the pieces.

    Tear the long edge of the Cranberry cardstock and ink the torn edge. Take the Dark Kraft cardstock and either ink 1 long edge (shown in sample) or tear the long edge and then ink it (also looks great). Attach the Dark Kraft strip on top of the Cranberry strip so the inked edges are both facing to the right and there is roughly 1/4" of the Cranberry cardstock showing.  Ink the right, long edge of the Happy Campers strip, plaid side up. Attach to the Dark Kraft/Cranberry strip so the inked edge is facing the Dark Kraft and approximately 1/16" of the Dark Kraft is showing. 

    Adhere this strip to the base layer, aligning the bottom and left edges of the strip to the base layer with the torn edges facing inward, to the right.

  4. Right Border Bar

    This piece is cut and assembled similarly to the Left Border Bar.

    For this bar, cut 1"x9" strip from each of the Vanilla and Rocky Road cardstocks and a 3 1/2"x9" strip of the Dark Kraft. Note: Inking is optional, however, it provides a warm feel to the pieces.

    Tear the long edge of the Vanilla cardstock strip and ink the torn edge. Take the Rocky Road cardstock strip and tear and ink it (as in the sample) or leave it straight and ink 1 long edge (also looks great). Attach the Rocky Road strip on top of the Vanilla strip so the inked edges are both facing to the left and there is roughly 1/4" of the Vanilla cardstock showing.  Ink the left, long edge of the Dark Kraft strip and attach to the Vanilla/Rocky Road strip so the inked edge is facing the Rocky Road and approximately 1/8" of the Rocky Road is showing. 

    Adhere this strip to the base layer, aligning the bottom and right edges of the strip to the base layer with the torn edges facing inward to the left.

  5. Top Border Bar

    The top bar spans across both pages. Cut 2 of each - 3"x12" strip of Backpacks (trees side facing up, make sure the trees will be standing upward when the strip is placed across the top of the page), 1" strip of Blue/Light Green printed paper (lt green side up), 1/4"x12" strip of Rocky Road.

    Adhere the Trees patterned paper to the base page. Aligning the top edge of the strips with the top edge of the base pages. 

    Tear the two strips of Blue/Lt Green along the long edge. Ink the top, torn edge. Adhere to the 3"x12" strip of trees patterned paper. The bottom, straight edge of the Blue/Lt Green should align with the bottom edge of the 3"x12" strip of trees.

    For each of the 1/4"x12" strips of Rocky Road, ink both the top and bottom long edges and adhere to the page, covering the seams where the 3"x12" strips meet the 9"x9" center squares and the left and right borders. This is the topmost finishing piece for the background.

  6. Photos and Photo Mats

    Cut the photos per the dimensions on the sketch.

    All photos (except the 2 largest) have a 1/16" border. To cut these mats, add 1/8" to the height of the picture and cut from Vanilla cardstock. Then add 1/8" to the width and cut again. Ink around all 4 sides. Center the photo and adhere to the mat.

    The 2 largest photos are double matted to make them stand out. The first, thinner mat is Vanilla cardstock. This mat is 1/8" larger than the photo on each side. To cut it, add 1/4" to the height and cut, then add 1/4" to width of the photo and finish cutting the mat. Ink all 4 sides. Center the photo on the mat and adhere. The largest mat is 1/4" larger then the photo on each side and is cut from Dark Kraft cardstock. This is also inked. Center the photo and photo mat on the Dark Kraft and adhere.

    Determine the placement of all of the photos on the layout.

  7. Tent Die Cut

    Use the Build a Campsite die set from Lawn Fawn to cut the tent, trees, sign and campfire. The tent body is cut from Dark Kraft, the outer tent is cut from the plaid and the opening is from Cranberry cardstock. The wood for the fire is cut from Dark Kraft and the flames from Mustard and Pumpkin Color Vibes from Simple Stories. The tent stakes, post for sign and tree trunks are cut from Rocky Road. The signs are cut from Dark Kraft. The trees (in the sample) are cut from Pine Color Vibes. However, they could be cut from the Blue/Lt Green leftover pieces.

    Note: There is a black bear coming out of the tent. This was a design from the Design Space library. It was a full bear cut from black cardstock, but was cut in half to fit in the tent. A pop dot was placed behind it's head to add dimension.

    All pieces are inked. 

    Determine where they will be placed in the top bar, but do not adhere until the title has been cut and adhered and the photos have been adhered.

    To complete the top bar, wrap a beige twine/sewing thread/embroidery thread around the 1/4" Rocky Road strip twice. For the left page, adhere the string to the back of the layout. Normally, I put adhesive on the back of the page, stick the string to it and add a small piece of cardstock over the adhesive. For the right page,  put the string through the holes on the two tags, wrap it around the layout twice and tie the string in a knot towards the right side of the page.  You'll want to add the string before adhereing the photos. 

  8. Title and Finishing the Top Bar

    Measure the space you have for the title. The title on the sample was created in Design Space with the Cricut Keystone font. It was cut with a Cricut. For reference, the height of the S in Superior is 1 3/4" and the width of the word is 6 3/8" wide. The H in hiking is 3/4" tall and the T in trail is 15/16" tall. Both words are about 5 1/2" wide.

    Keep in mind the placement of the phot in the top bar, and adhere the title and die cuts to create your camping scene. Pop dots were used behind the trees in front, the fire and bear's head.

    Add journaling such as dates or location to the signs with a black journaling pen.

  9. Completing the Layout

    Cut the strip of camping gear from the Mutli Journaling Cards sheet. Trim so there are 2 to 3 elements on each piece and the pieces fit on the left and right bars. Ink the cut pieces and mat with Dark Kraft cardstock, 1/8" border on each side. Ink the Dark Kraft and use pop dots to adhere in place. Keep in mind photo placement when adhereing. 

    Take the 5x7 photo and tie the string around the bottom edge, twice, and finish with a bow or knot in the bottom right corner.

    Adhere all of the photos. Add a small amount of adhesive to the tags in the top bar to keep them in place.

    Add the Adventure is Calling piece (from the Frames and Tags pack) to the bottom right corner of the 6.75 x 5 photo on the left page.

  10. Congrats!

    Your layout is complete!

    You can download the sketch from the Resource Library. The sketch is 1D - Camping Scrapbook Layout Sketch. To get the password to the library, complete the email sign up form below and the password will be emailed to you.

    You can also view the video for a complete walk through of the layout.

    Thank you and happy scrapping!


Note: This project card includes affiliate links. This means I earn a commission on items purchased through these links. This is at no additional cost to you.

The majority of supplies used in this layout are available at ScrapnTime.com - Shop by Collection - Superior Hiking Trail


Special orders and items not available at ScrapnTime:

Platinum Die Cutting Machine by Spellbinders - Special order item, email Molly@MollyQCreates.com

Cricut Maker electronic die cutting machine

Design Space software

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