Heard of Notion.com? It’s a productivity/organization/planning and so much more app you can use on your computer, tablet or phone. It’s FREE, but, depending on how many uploads you do, you may have to upgrade to the paid version (which, at the time of writing this, was $5 a month!). That’s equivalent to a mocha latte at Starbucks.

I’m not an affiliate for them. I make no money off of them if you sign up for a free or paid account. But I have found the app extremely helpful in organizing my personal life, online business and full time job and I wanted to share it with you. Specifically, my goal is to show you how to use the app and how you can use it with your crafting. 

So stick with me as we explore this incredibly versatile app!

Happy Crafting and Happy Notioning!


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How to duplicate a template shared with you in Notion so you can personalize and use it.

How to create a new page and an idea board using an inline database