Flowers brighten any day and bring a smile to the face of someone special. This flower pot card, which doubles as a gift card holder, is sure to spread extra smiles when they realize there is a gift inside. The free SVG cut file is number 3A in the Resource Library. The pattern is downloaded as a zip file and is saved in multiple file formats including DXF, SVG, EPS, PNG and JPEG so it will work with most electronic cutting machines. However, this tutorial focuses on using the file in Cricut’s Design Space.

If you prefer to watch the video tutorial, please skip ahead to the end of this post where you will find a link to the video tutorial.

Accessing the free SVG file pattern

To access the cut file, please visit the Resource Library. The page is password protected. You can obtain the password by completing the following form and subscribing to the MollyQCreates email list. There is also a form at the end of this post. The password is included at the bottom of each weekly update. There is a link to the Resource Library in the confirmation email you will receive.

Once in the library, click on pattern 3A – Flower Pot Gift Card Holder Card and the zip file will download to your computer. Click on the downloaded file. Another screen will open. Select Extract All. On the following screen, browse to the location you want to save the file. My suggestion is to create a folder for your digital cut files named Digital Designs. For each design, create a folder with the title and where the design came from and the type of license. In this case, it would be called Flower Pot Gift Card – MollyQCreates – Personal. The type of license is important if you intend to sell any of your completed creations. If not, then you can leave that part off.

Computer screens to show how to extract a file

Open in Design Space

Now that the file is downloaded to your computer, you will need to open it in Design Space or in whichever software you are using for your electronic cutter. In this tutorial, we are using Design Space for Cricut.

Open Design Space and click on New Project and a clean canvas will appear. Select Upload from the bottom of the left menu. From the next screen, select Upload Image. Select Browse from the following screen and then you will need to navigate to the file you have the design saved in. For Cricut, you will select the file with the SVG extension at the end of the title.

Computer file names to show SVG file
Select the file with .svg at the end of its name

Now that you have the proper file selected, which you will see on the preview screen in the next screen, select Upload from the bottom right corner. One last step and that is to select the file to bring into Design Space. The newest file uploaded will appear at the far left in the row of uploads. Select that file and then Insert Image in the bottom right corner.

Select the file to upload into Design Space
Select the file you want to bring into Design Space and then select Insert Images

Working with the File in Design Space

Yay! The file has made its way into Design Space. That wasn’t so bad, was it? However, before you hit Make It, a few details need to be attended to. The lines on the background image and the flower pot will need to be turned into score lines and attached to the pieces. You can also personalize the tag. If you’d like, you can also write a sentiment on the background piece that fits in the flower pot. Finally, hide or delete any pieces you don’t need.

The first thing you will want to do is ungroup all of the pieces. Right now, you can select the design and you could resize the whole thing. However, that is about the only thing you can do with it. Because everything is grouped and acts as if it is one image. To ungroup it, click on the image so you see a grey box around it. Next, select Ungroup from the top left menu, above the layers panel. Now, you can move most pieces independently of each other. However, there may still be a few pieces that are grouped together.

The next step is to hide or delete any images you don’t want to cut. In this patter, you can use the pot either as part of a flat card front or folded with the flowers sliding out of it. For this sample, we will be cutting the double flower pot and the long pink strip. You will want to hide the single flower pot and short pink strip. To hide them, find each piece in the layers panel on the far right and select the eye. A slash will appear through the eye and the element will disappear from the screen. To make the item reappear, select the eye, again. If you are having problems locating the correct design in the layers panel, then click on the design to highlight it and scroll through the layers to see which is highlighted.

Ungroup and Hide menu items

Creating Score Lines

Lines will import into Design Space as cut lines. We need to change some of these to score lines. However, if you do not have a score tool for your machine, you can delete these lines and manually add the score marks after it has been cut.

Start by clicking on the double pot to highlight it and then select Ungroup.. Now select each line. In this file, the line is imported in three sections. Click on each section. Next, change the line type in the Operation section in the top menu bar to Score for each line section. Repeat for the other line. Next, select the double pots and score lines and select Group in the top menu bar and then Attach in the bottom menu bar on the right side. Repeat these steps for the silhouette piece (the white piece with the flower silhouettes.

Flower Pot Score, Group and Attach
Select the lines, change to score and then group them with the shape they are scoring and then attach

Now that you have the score lines, it’s time to add any personalization. You can add a name or To and From to the tag. On the insert, you can add a sentiment. You could even write something on the flower pot if you wanted.

For this sample, we will put “To: Mom” on the tag. First, straighten out the tag. You can leave the mini flowers on the tag as a placement holder, but the mini flowers can also be placed on the pot. In this sample, I am putting the mini flowers on the pot, so I will move the tag away from the flowers and straighten it using the circle with an arrow that appears in the top right corner of the tag when you select the tag. Select the Text tool from the left menu and type: “To:”. Hit return and then type, “Mom”. Select the text and change the font to a writing font. Change the line type under the Operation menu to pen. Next, resize the text so it fits on the tag using the icon in the bottom right corner, the two arrows pointing in opposite corners. Once the text is properly sized and you are happy with it, select both the text and tag, select Group and then select Attach. These steps can be repeated to add text to the insert card or on the flower pot.

Attach type to a tag

At this point, if you have changed the lines to score lines on both the double flower pots and the insert, added any personalization, and are happy with the design, you can select Make it to start the cutting process.


Refer to the diagram below for flower placement. Also, keep in mind that the flowers and leaves will align with the outside edges of the insert. The basic flow should be to add the leaves first. For the double leaves, do not put adhesive on the bottom leaf of each pair as this will hang over the front of the pot. Next, add the two daisies at the top and then the two flowers on the outside edges. Match up the flower to the edge of the insert to know which flower goes on which side as one flower has round petals and the other has more of a heart shaped petal. Next, add the center flower and use one pop dot to give it dimension. Finish by adding the two bottom flowers. Use two pop dots on each flower to give it even more dimension. Place the pop tops towards the top edge of the back so it has room to hang over the flower pot edge.

Flower Pot Card

Complete the insert piece by folding the bottom flap to the back side. Use 1/8″ Score Tape, or a narrow adhesive, on the two outer edges of the flap and secure the flap in place. You can now slide a gift card in this pocket.

To finish the card, take the double pot and fold in half and then fold the top edge down. You can leave the top edge of the pot loose, adhere it down with adhesive or use pop dots to secure it while adding dimension.

Take the long pink strip and string it through the tag. Put 1/8″ Score Tape, or a narrow adhesive, on the back of the pink strip. Wrap around the card, overlapping in the back and trimming off any excess that hangs over the edge of the card. Position your tag and adhere, if necessary.

Almost done! Complete by adding the three mini flowers where you please. Two options are on the tag or in the bottom left corner of the pot. A tip for adding the centers of the mini flowers: Use a liquid adhesive and dab a tiny amount in the center of the flower and then add the center to the flower. This is much easier than adding adhesive to the center and then trying to align it on the card.

Slide the insert with the flowers attached into the pot and you are done!

Congrats! I’d love to see your creations. Please post them on social media with the hashtag mollyqcreates.

Thanks and happy crafting,


You can view the full tutorial here:

FREE Pattern for the Summer Vibes Scrapbook Layout

Get the password for the library with the free pattern and SVG files here by filling out this form:

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