with gate fold and gift card holder

Our grads have worked hard and deserve to be celebrated! The following are steps to creating an easy DIY Grad Card that is both fast to create and fabulous. Bonus, there is an optional money and gift card holder pocket. Sweet success!

This finished DIY Grad Card has a gate fold. The pattern contains options for the sentiment – conGRADulations with a grad cap. Pick the option design you want or combine them.

This Grad Card is further customizable by selecting your grad’s school colors. The same is cut with 3 colors – a black base, blue panels and yellow sentiment and grad cap. However, you can change these colors in Design Space or whichever program you are using.

Accessing the Pattern

The first step in creating the Easy DIY Grad Card is to download the cut file. The file is saved as a compressed zip file in the Resource Library. The pattern is saved in a variety of formats including SVG, DXF, EPS and PNG so it will work with a variety of cutting machines. However, this tutorial walks you through using it exclusively with Cricut Design Space.

The files in the Resource Library are free to download and free for your personal use. However, you do need a password to access the library. If you don’t have the password, simply complete the following form and one will be emailed to you. There is also another form at the end of this tutorial.

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    Once you access the Resource Library, you are looking for pattern 4A – DIY Grad Card. Simply click the link and the pattern will download. If you are unsure how to download and save compressed zip files to your computer, please watch this short video which walks you through the steps.

    Notes about the Pattern

    Now that you have downloaded the pattern 4A – DIY Grad Card and uploaded it to Cricut Design Space, you are ready to start creating. However, there are a few things to note about this file. In the file download is a PDF titled Open First – DIY Grad Card Design Notes.

    Grad Card pieces numbered with description of each piece
    The DIY Grad Card Design Notes which is included in the file download.

    A couple design notes to mention is that pieces 2 and 5 are both for the inside center panel. Piece 2 is for a standard panel which piece 5 has a flap that folds up to create a gift card pocket or money holder. For the sample, piece 5 was used.

    Pieces 7, 8, and 9 are all sentiments and can be used alone or in conjunction with each other. Sentiment 9 cuts each piece individually. For the sample, piece 7 was used.

    Adding Score Lines

    There are lines that stick out the sides of both pieces 1 and 5. These lines are guides for where score lines need to go. Once you open the file in Design Space or whichever program you use, add score lines and delete these lines. The video tutorial shows you how to do this. One note is that the pieces are grouped. I found it easier to keep the pieces grouped together until I had the score lines in place. Then I ungrouped the item, deleted the lines and attached the score lines to the pieces.

    If you do not have a scoring tool for your cutting machine, you can remove the lines and fold it by hand after it has been cut. You could also create small pen marks where the fold lines should go and then you have a guide for the placement of the folds.

    Cutting the Pattern

    Before cutting, hide or delete any pieces you are not using for your DIY Grad Card. Once you have the score lines added and any extra pieces deleted or hid, you can begin cutting.


    Once everything has been cut, start assembly by folding the pieces on the score lines. Make sure the top and bottom edges are even with the card. Use a bone folder to rub over the fold line to make it crisp.

    If you used piece 5 for the inside center, adhere the flap in place by adding adhesive to the outer edge of each side and fold up to secure in place. Remove any adhesive that extends beyond the folded flap. Then adhere the panel to the card, centering it between the folded side panels.

    Adhere the sentiment of your choice to the card. Be aware of placement and place the sentiment slightly higher then center if you are going to add a gift card or money to the pocket. It is a good idea to place the item in the pocket, then add the sentiment.

    If you are using the outlined sentiment, piece 7, make sure to keep the centers of the A, D and O’s.

    Now that the inside is complete, you can add the outer panels, grad cap and tassel to complete the card.

    Perfect, an easy DIY Grad Card to celebrate the grad in your life!

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