Thank you for purchasing the Crafty Holiday Project Organizer Notion Template.

The following video tutorials are designed to show you how to navigate and use the template while giving you helpful tips for using Notion. I  know your time is valuable so I made the tutorials bite-sized so you can get the info you need quickly.

Whether you have previously used Notion or not, I would start with the first video – a walk-through of the template. This will give you a quick overview of the capabilities of this template. From there, you can jump into the template and if you get stuck with something, jump back to these tutorials. Or, if you are new to Notion, you may prefer to watch the tutorial for each section of the template. My suggestion is to start with the Project section tutorial. Watch the video and then work in that section of the template.  Add just a few items to give you a start. Then jump back to the videos and watch the tutorial for the next section and so on ,,,

Enjoy and if you have any questions, please message me at molly@mollyqcreates.com.

Happy Holiday Crafting (and Organizing!)


P.S. If you find some areas that could benefit from additional tutorials, let me know.

Basic Notion Styles

We’re starting with a few notes on Styles. This is universal among all Notion templates, not just for this one. However, changing the style will only affect the page you are currently on, not all pages in the templates. 

In any Notion template or page, you will see the three dots at the top right corner. Click on the three dots and a drop down menu will appear. This menu will allow you to adjust the style of the page. This is not a universal style control that will affect every page in the template or every template you have or create. 

You can change the font by selecting one of the 3 font options.

If you’d prefer smaller text, click the toggle to the right of “small text.”

You can also change the page to display in full width. This is my preference. But you may choose to have full width turned off. The choice is yours and how you prefer to view the page. Feel free to toggle it on and off to see the difference.

Getting Started - A Template Overview



Note – the template has been updated. In the areas that lists the supplies needed for purchase, once the Have box is checked, that item is removed from the supplies needed listing. That item will remain on the Supplies by Project and Supplies List.